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Why can't the scooter move?

Among the service calls we receive regarding scooters being unable to move, especially from new users, the top 2 reasons are:

(a) the brake is set to "Free-Wheel" mode
(b) the charger is still connected to the scooter.

These are not faults, but are safety features designed into the scooters.

If the brake is set to "Free-Wheel" mode, the scooter can be pushed manually, which means it can also roll down a slope. Therefore, the controller, which is the "brain" of the scooter, disables the scooter, to ensure that the user does not drive off with the brake still released.

If the charger is still connected to the scooter, whether or not the other end is connected to a wall socket, the controller is smart enough to detect it, and will again immobilized the scooter. This is to prevent users from accidentally driving off, resulting in possible damage to the charger or even the scooter itself.

For more detailed instructions with regards to specific models, please click on the links below. 

For Spitfire EX Scooters
For Phoenix HD Scooters
For Ventura DLX Scooters
For Solax Mobie Scooters


For Spitfire EX Scooters

Step 1: Turn the key switch to "OFF" position.
Step 2: Make sure the charging cable is unplugged.
Step 3: Make sure the brake lever is pulled back to the "Drive" mode.
Step 4: Turn the key switch to "ON" position.


See Video on Spitfire Scooter - FreeWheel Mode

See Video on Spitfire EX Scooter - Charger still Connected


If problem persists, please contact a Falcon Mobility at 6-774-7518 for assistance.