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LTA Compliance

All Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) sold by us are compliant with Land Transport Authority (LTA) rules and regulations. The chargers we provided also come with the Singapore Safety Mark. Our customers can therefore rest assured that our mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are safe for use.



Question: I hear that e-scooters have been banned on footpaths. Are our scooters also banned?

Answer: No, the ban only affects e-scooters, which are 2-wheeled electric scooters. Our scooters are classified as Personal Mobilty Aids (PMA), which are allowed on footpaths. The diagram below explains.

LTA rules on personal mobility devices

Question: Are the PMA sold by us compliant with LTA regulations?

Answer: Yes. The maximum speed of all our PMA are below 10 km/h, within the speed limit specified by LTA for PMAs. 


Question: Do our scooters need to be registered with LTA?

Answer: No. Only e-scooters and electric bicycles need to be registered with LTA. E-scooters generally have only 2 wheels and go between 10 - 25 km/h.


Question: Do our scooters have UL2272 certification?

Answer: UL2272 is NOT required for PMA. It is only required for other personal mobility devices (PMD), such as e-scooters and hoverboards.


Question: Do you need a license or a doctor's prescription to buy or use a mobility scooter?

Answer: No, not required.


Question: There are some 3-wheeled electric scooters sold as mobility scooters for the elderly. Are they LTA compliant?

Answer: Please refer to the LTA Warning notice below. Such scooters can only be considered LTA compliant if the maximum speed is below 10 km/h.

LTA Warning on Personal Mobility Aids (PMA)