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What to do if your Solax Genie Scooter cannot open Fully

 Solax Scooter cannot open fully

Is your Solax Genie automatic folding mobility scooter not able to unfold fully, despite everything you do? Chances are, you have unknowingly done this 1) Fold the scooter manually 2) Press the "A" folding button.

One important thing to note about the Genie is that once you fold it manually, you have to unfold it manually. Once you fold it automatically, you have to unfold it automatically. The only time when you can switch between the manual mode and automatic mode is when the scooter is fully unfolded.

If you fold it automatically, but try to unfold it manually, the scooter will simply not open. Most users will be able to figure this out and unfold it using the remote control, so problem solved.

The problem comes when the scooter is folded manually, but the user forgot about it and tries to open it automatically.

If the "B" unfolding button is pressed, nothing happens. The scooter can still be opened fully using the manual method.

But if the "A" folding button is pressed instead, and then you try to open the scooter manually, the scooter will not be able to unfold fully and will become stuck in a semi-folded position (see picture above).

The way to resolve this is simply to open the scooter manually to the maximum extent possible (gently please!), and then press the "B" unfolding button to unfold the scooter the rest of the way.

The video below is an illustration on how to do this.



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