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How to Disassemble Phoenix HD Mobility Scooter

The Phoenix HD is not as light as foldable mobility scooters such as the Mobie or Genie, and is heavier than other portable scooters such as the Spitfire Scout, but it is the only heavy-duty scooter in Singapore than can be disassembled for putting in a car. There is no other scooter that can take users up to 158 kg in weight, but still remain portable and compact enough to go into your car boot.  Below is a good video from Marc's Mobility showing you how to dismantle the Phoenix HD 4-wheel mobility scooter.   ------------------------------------ Click here if you...

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Is the Ticking Sound from my Mobility Scooter Normal?

Some of our elderly clients who first receive their new mobility scooter get worried when they hear a ticking sound coming from the rear of the scooter each time they press or release the throttle. They are worried about whether the motor on the scooter is having some kind of problem.

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What to do if your Solax Genie Scooter cannot open Fully

Is your Solax Genie automatic folding mobility scooter not able to unfold fully, despite everything you do? Chances are, you have unknowingly done this 1) Fold the scooter manually 2) Press the "A" folding button.

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Spitfire EX Mobility Scooter - Unable to drive to to Free Wheel

If your Spitfire EX mobility scooter's diagnostic light is blinking and it refuses to drive, there is a good chance that the free wheel lever may have been engaged.

To resolve the issue, have a look at this video, which will take you through the process, step by step.

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How to Install Solax Mobie Scooter Armrests

If you've just received your Solax Mobie foldable scooter and purchased the optional armrests, this instructional video will teach you how to instal them properly.

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