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LTA our Neighbour?

OMG, did LTA just move in to our floor?

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LTA Update - Lights Needed for Night Driving

LTA announced yesterday (1st May 2018) that it will start enforcing the rules and regulations set out in the Active Mobility Act. While most of the rules are no surprise, there is one additional that users may have missed. It is stated in the key regulations& code of conduct framework that personal mobility aids need to: "Display a white light in front and red light at the back, and switch them on duringhours of darkness. If it is not possible to equip the device with lights, the usermust display lights (e.g. fix lights onto a helmet) and switch them on...

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E-Scooter Registration - Mobility Scooters NOT Affected

It was announced on 7th March that compulsory registration for e-scooters will be implemented by the 2nd half of 2018. But does this affect mobility scooters? The answer is NO. To be clear, let us look again to LTA's classification of personal mobility devices (PMDs).   There are 4 classes of PMD. Mobility scooters, along with motorised wheelchairs, are classified as Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs). How to differentiate between the 4 classes? If it has 2 wheels, and has pedals for cycling, it is a Conventional Bicycle. If it has 2 wheels, has pedals for cycling, but can also be powered...

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E-Scooters easy targets for Thieves

The Straits Times reported on 26/2/2018 that thieves are increasingly targeting e-scooters.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai - but Moderate on the Food!

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year to all Singaporeans! But as we head home for a well-deserved reunion dinner, do remember to moderate on the food, as conditions such as obesity and gout can create mobility problems for you!

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