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Theft of Scooter Armrest Knob at Compassvale

Scooter Armrest Knob

To the person / people who have been stealing Uncle Wong's armrest knob at Compassvale, SHAME ON YOU!

Poor Uncle Wong parks his mobility scooter outside the flat. For the past few weeks, he as had to take public transport to our office to buy replacement knobs. It seems somebody has been stealing it when he's not noticing.

This is not a spare part that is useful to most other people, unless it is for use on other mobility scooters. So I believe this is the work of pranksters, who just want to bully an old man.

Anyway for the 3rd time, Uncle Wong came down to our office to buy the knob. However, this time we advised him to get a scooter anti-theft alarm as well. So once the alarm is armed, it will be triggered by vibration and sound off to scare off the culprit.

So if you have the habit of parking your scooter outside the house (works for electric wheelchairs and e-scooters as well), you may seriously want to consider getting the alarm.

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