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Personal Mobility Device (PMD) Fire at Woodlands

Personal Mobility Device (PMD) Fire at Woodlands

A flat in Woodlands caught fire on Tuesday (April 9), trapping 4 people (2 of whom were children). The fire was triggered by a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) that was being charged in a bedroom. 6 people were sent to the hospital, including a fire fighter.

In Singapore, it is MANDATORY for battery chargers to be registered with Enterprise Singapore for a Safety Mark before being sold. Using an un-registered charger may result in fires such as this.

It is also MANDATORY for Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) such as motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters to be sold with Safety Mark approved chargers. Unfortunately, it seems the vast majority of PMA being sold here still do not come with approved chargers. I wonder when are the authorities going to clamp down on this industry, as they already have with the PMD industry?

ALL of our PMA are sold with Safety Mark chargers. Therefore it is better to buy a Safety-Mark compliant electric wheelchair or mobility scooter from us, so that you can have a peace of mind while charging your personal mobility aid.



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