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Pack it Right for your Flight

Pack it Right for your Flight


The Straits Times today published an article about e-scooters and hoverboards being banned from flights because of the lithium batteries they contained. But what about mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs?

Typically, if you are travelling with an elderly or handicapped person with some form of walking difficulty, you should be able to bring up to 2 lithium batteries of up to 300WH. Scooters such as the Solax Mobie or Genie have batteries which are only 240WH, so they are within the allowed specifications.

But this is a privilege reserved by major airlines for people with mobility problems, and not for able-bodied persons. If the user doesn't travel with the scooter or electric wheelchair, you can only bring batteries up to a max of 160 WH, and this is still subject to airline approval.

For more advice regarding this, please read our earlier blog article about travelling with lithium battery powered mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs.



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