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Mobility Scooter Theft

mobility scooter theft

Mobility scooter theft seems to be on the rise in the UK, the mobility scooter capital of the world. As the scooter population in Singapore increases, will we see the same trend?

So far we have not heard of such cases in Singapore. One big reason, I believe, is that mobility scooters are not easy to sell in Singapore, and are therefore less attractive to thieves. They prefer things that are easy to convert into cash, such as bicycles.

Still, it's a matter of time before we see the first case of mobility scooter theft in Singapore. But we recommend taking some basic steps to secure your scooter from being targeted:

1. Do not leave the ignition key in the switch. 

This makes it too easy for thieves (or pranksters) to drive off with the machine. If you are afraid of forgetting, we suggest getting a coil key chain (see below) for the key so that it will be pulled along the moment you get up from the seat.

coil keychain

2. Get a Bicycle Chain

Most mobility scooters come with carry handles or delta tillers which you can chain to a nearby gate or pipe using a bicycle chain. This is a practice to do if you are parking the scooter outside the house, or if you are leaving unattended for a long period of time.

3. Get an Anti-Theft Alarm

For additional security, you can also consider getting an anti-theft alarm for your scooter. The alarm we carry comes with a remote control which allows you to arm or disarm the alarm.

Once armed, the vibration-triggered alarm will sound and scare off any body who tries to touch your scooter. Even if it was just an accident, the alarm will turn off by itself after 40 seconds, so you don't need to worry about it disturbing your neighbours if you're not around to disarm it.

Remember, Low Crime doesn't mean No Crime!


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