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LTA Clampdown on Errant Cyclists and PMD Users

LTA clamp down

The LTA is starting to clamp down on errant cyclists and PMD users who have been driving recklessly and in an unsafe manner. 560 enforcement actions have been taken since May.

When there's unsafe or reckless driver, is it the fault of the machine, or the person behind the machine? The machine doesn't choose how fast it goes, or where it goes. It is the user that makes these decisions. We therefore cannot blame the machines, and should not call for a blanket ban.

The fact is, the vast majority of users are responsible people, who care about their own safety as well as that of others. The fact also is, that PMDs areĀ an important part of our overall transport mix, and helps in our effort to become a car-lite nation.

Therefore, it is the "black sheep" problem that we need to address. Public education can only make someone aware of what he can and cannot do, what he should and should not do. But when he knows what he cannot and should not do, but chooses to do it anyway, what use will more public education do?

Therefore, a good set of regulations coupled with even better enforcement is necessary to supplement public education. We need to educate those willing to be educated, but at the same time deter and punish those who aren't.

Well done, LTA!


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