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Lady crashes Mobility Scooter into Glass Door at Toa Payoh

mobility scooter crashes through glass door at Toa Payoh

 A lady crashed her mobility scooter into a glass door at Toa Payoh bus interchange yesterday morning. According to SBS Transit Facebook page, nobody was hurt (thankfully!), and the lady driver left the scene immediately.

From the video, it does not seem like she was driving a non-compliant personal mobility aid (PMA), which are not allowed to have a top speed higher than 10 km/h. From the video, I would estimate the speed to be 6 - 8 km/h.

She showed no signs of slowing down before the glass door, which makes one wonder whether it was because she did not see the glass door, or the mobility scooter's brakes were faulty?

But the brakes also seem to be working properly. We can make that inference from the fact that she was able to brake the scooter immediately after crashing through the glass door, 6 seconds into the video.

Even though the scooter seemed to move again on its own between 0:09s and 0:12s, if you look carefully, the woman's hand was still on the tiller. So it looks like she could have accidentally throttled the mobility scooter when she was dismounting from the PMA.

On a side note, kudos to SBS Transit for using tempered glass for the door. Tempered glass will shatter into small pieces like what we see in the video. This is not as dangerous as traditional glass, which would shatter into shards which can leave deep cuts and lead to potentially serious injury or even death.

Conclusion? Seems to me this was just a careless driver who was not concentrating. The was a thick white line of frosting with red words across the glass, she SHOULD have seen the door. It was not totally transparent.

We would like to urge all drivers of personal mobility devices (PMD) as well as personal mobility aids to make safety their main priority.



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