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Don't Drive your Mobility Scooter in the Rain!

mobility scooter controller damaged by water

As we always advise, please do not ever ride your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair under heavy rain, or worse, try to wash it with a hose or throwing water over it.

These personal mobility devices (PMDs) are not water proof, and water does not go well with electronics or batteries.

Please also note that if the PMD breaks down due to water abuse, you cannot claim warranty for the repair. This would be classified as a case of misuse, and not manufacturing defect.

And if it is a lithium battery that has been wet, we will decline any request to repair the scooter, unless customers agree to change the battery and let us dispose of the faulty battery immediately. Such batteries can burn spontaneously due to short circuit caused by water, and pose a fire risk to our people and premises. We need to dispose of them immediately and safely.

Perhaps it will be good to invest in a scooter cape, which doesn't make your scooter rain-proof, but may come in very handy if you are caught in an unexpectedly long downpour.


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