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Dangerous and Reckless Mobility Scooter User

Mobility scooter accident

Very disturbed today. Saw a male mobility scooter user today crossing at a traffic junction. He crossed the junction while the traffic light was showing red man, but there were no cars, so he wasn't in real danger.

Then within seconds, he crossed another, which was also still showing red man. This time, a huge right-turning lorry had to jam brake to avoid knocking him.

Too bad he was gone too fast before I could take a picture or video.

He wasn't following pedestrian rules, which he is supposed to. He wasn't even following car rules. In fact, it seems his whole attitude is "heck care, the lorry or car will avoid me".

Sir, your handicap is unfortunate, and yes, as a society we should help the under-privileged. But that doesn't mean you own the road, and expect everyone to give way to you. Kindness shown to you, if any, is a gift, and not an entitlement.


** UPDATE ** 04 Jan 2017

Managed to catch his person on video and have reported this to LTA:

Part 1: Crossing at Red Light

Scroll to 1:06, and you can see him start to cross when the traffic light (see background) is still showing red man.

Part 2: Riding on Main Road

This is immediately after, he drives on the main road instead of the pavement, which is against the LTA Active Moblity rules.



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