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Converting e-scooters into personal mobility aids (PMA)

Converting e-scooters into personal mobility aids (PMA)

The government has warned people against modifying their e-scooters by adding a wheel and bringing down the speed to below 10 km/h, in order to qualify them them as Personal Mobility Aids (PMA), which can still be used on footpaths.

This could be dangerous, as such modifications would compromise both the electrical and structural integrity of the vehicles.

The government is right. This could cause even more fires and accidents than there already are. It's better to just buy an original mobility scooter that has properly tested and certified to be safe for use.

If the driver is reckless, whether you put him on an e-scooter, e-bike, bicycle, motorbike, car, or even personal mobility aid, he will STILL be dangerous. There is no reason to believe that such people will not continue being a hazard after changing vehicles.

Put them on footpaths, they'll endanger pedestrians; on park connectors they'll endanger other cyclists; on roads they'll endanger the motorists.

Perhaps we should have a blanket ban for such people, once they are convicted of multiple offenses for any type of vehicle, they should be banned from ALL types of vehicles.

And for all you e-scooters out there, please don't do such things and force the authorities to start imposing more rules regarding personal mobility aids. Our elderly and handicapped customers aren't the ones driving dangerously and causing accidents, so please don't "sabo" them by spoiling the market!


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