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Careless Mobility Scooter and Motorised Wheelchair users

Irresponsible Personal Mobility Device Users

The Straits Times published an article today titled "'Small minority' of mobility device users careless".


While the article talks mostly about Personal Mobility Devices (PMD's) such as e-scooters and hoverboards, we must not forget that mobility scooters and motorised wheelchair users also need to adhere to safety.
There have long been instances of careless users riding their mobility scooters or motorised wheelchairs in the following ways:
  • Crossing the road illegally i.e. not using traffic lights or zebra crossings.
  • Crossing at the traffic light, but not waiting for the red man to turn into green.
  • Driving on the main road, sometimes against the flow of traffic.

We urge all users to keep safety as their first priority, and not risk danger to themselves and to motorists just to save a few minutes of time. It is simply not worth it.

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