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Bus Driver Transforms Mobility Scooter into Double Decker Bus

Double-decker Bus Mobility Scooter

What to do if you you're a retired bus driver, passionate about your former job, but can walk well anymore? You transform your mobility scooter into a bus!

That's exactly what Keith Burbidge from Bournemouth, UK did! The 75-year old used to work for Yellow Buses in his hometown before retiring.

He missed his job so much that he bought a 2nd-hand mobility scooter for £40 (approx. S$73), and transformed it into a double-decker yellow bus! It was made out of 2 authentic bus seats, perspex windows and wooden boards. The "bus" is 6-ft long, 4-ft tall and has a top speed of 5 mph.

It's amazing what senior citizens can do when they put their passion and creativity to work!


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