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Are Mobility Scooters above 20 kg Allowed by LTA?

LTA Enforcement on E-Bikes

The regulations governing e-scooters and other personal mobility devices (PMD's) will kick into effect early next year, and for the Active Mobility Bill was tabled yesterday, with proposed penalties being published for the first time.

Many people would have read that e-scooters need to weigh less than 20 kg and have max speeds of less than 25 km/h. While max speed is not a problem as most mobility scooters travel at less than 8 km/h, what about the 20 kg limit? If yes, then 99% of all mobility scooters in Singapore today will be come illegal for use.

Not to worry, mobility scooters are not classified together with e-scooters and other PMDs, and are exempt from this weight criteria. Let me explain.

The LTA has 4 main classifications of devices:

  1. Personal Mobility Aids e.g. mobility scooters, motorised wheelchairs
  2. Conventional Bicycles
  3. Personal Mobility Devices e.g. skateboard, kick-scooter, electric scooters, hoverboards
  4. Electric Bicycles

LTA Personal Mobility Devices List

Mobility scooters are classified under the Personal Mobility Aid category. And now please look at point no. 11 of the LTA recommendations:

LTA Active Mobility Unit Recommendations

It is stated that:
"The Panel proposes not to introduce physical criteria for personal mobility aids as these devices may require specific design depending on the needs of the user. In addition, these devices have a low maximum speed of between 6km/h and 10km/h".

Therefore, mobility scooters are exempt from the 20 kg restriction. So please don't worry, and continue to buy our mobility scooters!


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