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64kg E-Scooter Seized by LTA

64kg e-scooter seized by LTA

LTA seized a total of 10 electric bicycles and electric scooters in a 2-day blitz operation on May 14 - 15. Among these was a 64-kg electric scooter, which is over 3 times the 20 kg weight limit specified by LTA.

I have often seen this scooter zipping around, and thought to myself "there is NO WAY this scooter is below 20 kg. What in WORLD is this person thinking???".

I thought it would be around 30 kg, or at most 40 kg. It's really unexpected that it turned out to be 64 kg.

There are just too many young, reckless joy-riders driving too fast and using overly high-powered machines, in the name of fun. Responsible riders who know how to slow down in crowded areas and places with blind spots will almost never knock into anyone or anything.

LTA is TOTALLY doing the right thing by showing that it is determined to crack down on errant riders and to inculcate a culture of responsible PMD ownership. 

Thumbs up, LTA!


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