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What if Schools became Senior Retirement Villages

Government review suggestions to turn former school sites into senior retirement villages. What if ... ???

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PMDs Seized for Riding on Roads

9 out of 10 of the personal mobility devices (PMDs) seize by LTA since 1st May 2018 were non-compliant, but 1 of 10 were compliant vehicles which were confiscated because their users were riding them on the roads.

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Selamat Hari Raya Singapore!

Best wishes to all our Muslim friends in Singapore, and enjoy the World Cup that's starting tonight!

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Shoprider Scooter Controller - Damage by Water

This is why you should NEVER ride your mobility scooter in the rain. This Shoprider 3-wheel mobility scooter was brought in with battery voltage healthy, but totally unable to turn on.

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92kg E-Scooter Seized by LTA

Last month, LTA seized a 64-kg e-scooter because it did not comply with the 20kg limit for e-scooters. This month, they seized a 92-kg e-scooter. This is weighs as much as our Ventura 4 DLX mobility scooters

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