A mobility scooter is an electric mobility aid equivalent to a motorised wheelchair, but configured like a 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled scooter. In Singapore and the rest of the world, mobility scooters are fast out-selling motorised wheelchairs, and are especially popular with the elderly who are still able to stand and walk, but not over long distances. The key advantages of mobility scooters are: Mobility scooters do not look like wheelchairs, which many senior citizens shun because wheelchairs make them feel helpless. Mobility scooters in general cost less than power wheelchairs. Mobility scooters are easier to control than electric wheelchairs, and therefore easier for elderly users with slower reflexes to learn and handle. If you are not sure which mobility scooter is the most suitable for you or your loved one, please call Falcon Mobility at 6-774-7518 to find out more and ask for FREE, no-obligations 3-day trial! ** NEW ** Extended warranty now available for selected items! Welcome Mobility Scooters @ Singapore These mobility scooters are good if you are looking for a basic mobility aid to get you around the neighbourhood. They can also be easily dismantled and put into a car boot. Heavy-duty mobility scooters are not portable, but are more comfortable, powerful, and can travel longer distances. Accessories can be added to the scooters to carry walking canes, crutches and walking frames. Other general-purpose accessories include carrying bags, rear baskets and rear-view mirrors. Portable Mobility Scooters Heavy-Duty Scooters Portable Mobility Scooters Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters Mobility Scooter Accessories Scooter Accessories Sold Authorised Distributor for: © Copyright Falcon Mobility Pte. Ltd. 2011. All Rights Reserved.  - Mobility Scooter - Electric Scooter - Handicap Scooter - Disabled Scooter